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Bon Jou!

We’re continually trying to find ways of engaging and interacting with our community here at Nitro. And now we believe we have found it. Generations is the name we have given to all our projects that closely involve communities. Right now we have two main Generations. Secret Singers and At the End of the Rainbow. Detailed information of both is located in our What’s On section.

Our first Generations project, however, will be a performance of the renowned piece of musicMass Carib on the 26th January at King’s Place, London. However, this is Mass Carib with a difference! Firstly it will be performed by our company vocal group ‘NitroVox’ – Just 8 singers and 2 percussionists. Secondly, we are going to work with a local group of amateur singers who will learn a section of the Mass Carib and will accompany NitroVox in the performance.

We feel this is a great way to get closer to our community and to set a template for working with local communities farther afield. We will soon be rehearsing and will update you with video footage as soon as we do. For now you can check out a video of a rehearsed performance of Mass Carib with NitroVox here at Nitro HQ below.

NitroVox Sings Mass Carib – Workshop

In other areas, we are pleased to welcome Tangle to Nitro HQ. They will undertaking research and development for their rehearsed reading of ‘The Crossing’, which is being held at Soho Theatre on December 11th.

And finally, we have some great news! Bola Agabje, who is adapting her play ‘Gone Too Far’ into a musical for Nitro, won the Arts and Culture Woman of the Future Award for 2010. It is an excellent but well deserved accolade for Bola, who still manages to hold down a day job! Hats off to her and we hope for many more awards in the future.

Gen Yon Semen Gwo


Latest from Nitro HQ, 10 November 2010

2 Responses to Nitro in the Community

  1. Angela Bent says:

    Hola Everyone
    Great news to hear about sister Bola, went along to hear her give a talk at the Royal Court theatre and was truely impressed by her passion and boldness, she speaks about life what is happening out there and I must say i felt very relieved to know that the future of Black theatre will be left in safe hands!!. Really looking forward to supporting more of British Black Theatre this year. I am a student at Central School of Speech and Drama and currently in my final year of the BA Drama, Applied Theatre and Education course, we are getting some serioues Black theatre practioners coming through, but we need more black students at drama schools, it is a subject that i will be doing for my dissertation. Anyhow love the website! do you have any workshops or acting classes happening this year?

    • Debo says:

      Hi Angela,

      Thanks for your note, comments and thoughts.

      We had a workshop in collaboration with Tangle at the end of December that would have been ideal for you I think. We don’t have another workshop penned in yet but as soon as we do it will be posted to the site (and also our facebook and twitter sites).
      I’ll also take note of your email so we can get in touch too if something suitable comes up.

      Best wishes and good luck with the studies

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